Fotografia: A vida por alguns fios (Life for a few wires)

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Fotos: Chronosfer. Os pássaros nos ensinam a viver com amor e simplicidade. Com persistência e sonhos. Não importa onde repousam seus corpos cansados pelo dia. Em meio a tantos fios e postes e galhos de árvores, a casa acolhe. A vida é feita de viveres como os dos pássaros. Um dia aprenderemos.

Birds teach us to live with love and simplicity. With persistence and dreams. It does not matter where your tired bodies lay by the day. In the midst of so many wires and poles and branches of trees, the house welcomes. Life is made of things like birds. One day we will learn.

12 Respostas para “Fotografia: A vida por alguns fios (Life for a few wires)

    • it is true. in the post, maybe in an unconscious way I posted the photos in reverse, from the house in the foreground to the place as a whole who knows thinking in my background in what you wrote. The dawn is for me always more than the beginning. is always the new.

  1. I wish I were a bird on a wire,
    As they gather at sunset, the world to inspire.
    Huddled on every square inch they can find,
    Like clumps of seaweed on a fowled anchor line.
    Gleefully gathered in their grand social state,
    Warming the wires as the cool day gets late.
    I smile as they share both their warmth and their song,
    Then cheerfully welcome the night that’s so long.
    In that fellowship of feathers you never will see,
    A better example of what God meant to be.

    Gary Bryson

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